FACES: Photography and the Art of Portraiture



Not only is this book the most comprehensive title available on portraiture, but it contains stunning images...
Steven Biver, commercial photographer and Paul Fuqua, professional editorial writer and photographer. Market: * serious amateur photographers * pro photographers who want to move from another area into portraiture * photography students Key Features: *Written by Paul Fuqua and Steven Biver, two of the authors of Light-Science and Magic * gallery of celebrity photographs by Nadav Kander, Joyce Tenneson, Sandro Miller, George Holz, Brent Stirton, and Dan Winters showcases both the studio and photojounalistic styles of portraiture * wide breadth of portraits -- from street shots to studio shots, with a lighting diagram to accompany most of these * the most gorgeous book for one of the most sought after photographic genres - people and portraits There is so much detail to be captured in a face. Cicero (106-43 BC) said: "The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter." To capture a person's personality, there are many things to keep in mind, and the authors of FACES show us how to match up a personality with lighting, posing, and composition. Portraiture is truly an art, and this book dives deep into the details so that you end up with a gorgeous portrait that both you and your subject love. Not only is this book the most comprehensive title available on portraiture, but it contains stunning images. Each image is paired with a lighting diagram, a description of why the type of image was chosen, and then takes you through postproduction to put the finishing touches on. The authors also showcase a gallery of portraits by renowned photographers. "Mastering portrait photography requires a lot of skill and time. Trial and error will get you there at some point. However it is always better to get on the right path at the start. The book Faces is a great resource to get started or to find new ideas. Not only it covers numerous fundamental and alternative lighting scenarios but also explains the psychology of interacting with your subject or a model."--Learnmyshot Contents: -Selected Works by Contemporary Masters -Dedications -Introduction to the Book -Acknowledgements -How to Use this Book -Portraits From the Past -Making Portraits -Street Shooting -Getting Ready -Modifying Light -And Finally -Appendix--Some Tools and Techniques -Index

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