The Producer's Business Handbook



This book gives you comprehensive new media, financing, and distribution updates of all chapters...
The Roadmap for the Balanced Film Producer. John J. Lee, Jr., John Lee has been immersed in every business aspect of feature motion picture development. From producing to distribution, Lee has over twenty-five years of experience. and Anne Marie Gillen, Anne Marie Gillen, CEO of The Gillen Group, is an experienced independent producer, business consultant, and lecturer. Gillen is also prior Chief Operating Officer of Morgan Freeman's Revelation Entertainment, where she led the company in its strategic financing and distribution models, and CEO of Electric Shadow Productions, which finance and executive produced Fried Green Tomatoes. American Film Market Presents. Market: Producers; others on the business side of the entertainment industry such as attorneys, bankers, investors, etc; film students; directors, writers, and other film professionals who want to know more about how the business aspect of production works Key Features: New to the 3rd Edition: * Production Financing Worksheet-a producer's must-have * Comprehensive new media, financing, and distribution updates of all chapters * Expanded global focus and references * Internet marketing & DIY distribution * Financing sources * Access to a website providing spreadsheets available nowhere else: Financing Worksheet, greenlighting worksheets, film comparables, activity and cash flow projections, and more Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business of entertainment and learn to successfully engage in all related aspects of global production and exploitation with this revised and updated handbook. With The Producer's Business Handbook as a guide, you'll learn to create the relationships that the most successful producers have with the various participants in the motion picture industry-this guide provides a global view of how producers direct their relationships with domestic and foreign studios, agencies, attorneys, talent, completion guarantors, banks, and private investors. You get a thorough orientation to operating production development and single-purpose production companies. You'll also become familiar with the team roles needed to operate these companies, and learn how to attach and direct them. For those outside the US, also included is information on how to produce successful films without government funding. This edition has been updated to include comprehensive information on the internal greenlighting process, government financing, and determining actual cost-of-money. It includes new, simplified project evaluation tools, expediting funding and distribution. This is the single best work on financing independent films. The landscape of the film business is changing rapidly and this is one of the only books addressing one of the most difficult aspects- financing. There is more to financing a film than developing a business plan and this book shows the practical, in-depth information, efficiently written and presented. -Don Smith, Associate Chair & Associate Professor, Film & Video Department, Columbia College It is so sharply focused and so easy to digest, I am going to make it the official textbook for my online course in independent film marketing and sales across all platforms. -Sydney Levine, SydneysBuzz on IndieWIRE and IMDb, Online Instructor: UCLA Extension This is a timely book, detailing a proven method for success and providing relevant data for both investors and filmmakers. -Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA, CHRC,Managing Director, Corporate Development & Strategy, Conduit Consulting LLC, Former VP-Corporate Development, SONY Pictures Entertainment and member SONY US Ventures team In show business, everyone is in love with the show, but it's the business of making significant money that turns on the big boys and girls inside the tent. Learn what they already know by reading this new edition.  -Steve Ecclesine, Independent Producer (12 motion pictures and more than 700 television episodes) Contents: Introduction; How the Motion Picture Industry Functions; U.S. Theatrical Distributions; International Territories; Ancillary Markets and Rights; Entertainment Banking; Completion Guarantors; Attorneys, Negotiations, and Entertainment Law; Talent, Agents, and Agencies; Development, Production, and Producing Company Structures; Development Financing; The Team; Production Company's Operation; The Producer's Business; Reports, Data and Producer's Principles

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