The Grip Book: The Studio Grip’s Essential Guide, 6th Edition

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ISBN 9781138571396
492 Pages

Gain the essential skills of a professional grip to become the jack and master of all trades on any movie or television show set. Discover vital insider tips ranging from how to operate cutting-edge rigging and lighting equipment to performing difficult camera mounts on aircraft, boats, trains, and cars. In The Grip Book, seasoned Hollywood grip Michael G. Uva teaches you to install, set up, maintain, and ensure the safety of all equipment on a set, such as C-stands, cameras, and any specialty gear needed for a shoot. Guidelines for on-set etiquette and how to succeed as a technical crew member will jumpstart your career and make you a valuable asset on any film or television crew. This new 6th edition marks the books 30th anniversary and has been fully revised and updated to include expanded coverage of on-set scenarios, such as gripping near water and at heights; a brand-new chapter dedicated to providing insider solutions to various gripping problems that can often appear insurmountable to the uninitiated; and a brand-new companion website featuring a downloadable reference guide on grip equipment, and extensive how-to video demonstrations. Other features include technical expertise on maintaining the latest and greatest filmmaking equipment; an updated self-test section containing over one hundred questions and answers; a comprehensive appendix containing a robust glossary of insider and equipment terms; and guidelines on what a grip has to be physically able to perform in their day-to-day duties.

By Michael Uva Routledge 492 pages Paperback: 9781138571396 pub: 2018-04-10

Table of Contents

Contributing Companies, Manufacturers, and Suppliers Note from the Author About the Author Acknowledgments What Could Happen On Your Way to the Throne! A Bit of Encouragement Companion Website (A "How To" Training Film) Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Essential Equipment Chapter 3 - Expendables Chapter 4 - Knots Chapter 5 - Basic Tool Descriptions Chapter 6 - Filters and Gels Chapter 7 - The Rental House Chapter 8 - Techniques for Mounting the Camera Chapter 9 - Cables, Slings, and Hardware Chapter 10 - Lifts Chapter 11 - Cranes, Jibs, Arms, Dollies, and Heads Chapter 12 - Cranes Mounted on Wheeled Bases Chapter 13 - Lenny Arms Chapter 14 - Cablecam Chapter 15 - Dollies Chapter 16 - Precision Cadillac Track and Chapman Lencin Chapter 17 - Fluid and Remote Heads Chapter 18 - Field Operation Chapter 19 - A Professional’s Tips on the Trade Glossary Canadian Verses USA Grip Equipment Terms (Some…Not All) Gripping Solutions Grip Self Test Index

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