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Back Issue | Digital Edition: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, 2017, Vol. 12, No. 2

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This Issue Includes: "URSA Mini 4.6k vs. URSA Mini Pro;" "How to Use Camera Framing as a Storytelling Tool;" and "Can LED Replace Traditional Fresnels?" Also, "Cinematography for Interviews: 7 Best Practices" and "60 Second Ad Plot Point Breakdown." And other excellent education articles related to Camerwork, Directing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Audio, and More. See Table of Contents below.
WELCOME Editor’s Note Meet the Writers CAMERAWORK URSA Mini 4.6k vs. URSA Mini Pro Affordable Cinematic Cameras By Jon Firestone How to Use Camera Framing as a Storytelling Tool Reinforce the Intention of Your Scene By David Landau Syrp’s Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Track Feather-Light, Infinitely Extendable DIRECTING Know Your Story Beats Directing for Impact By Jared Isham CINEMATOGRAPHY Cinematography for Interviews 7 Best Practices By John Klein LIGHTING Can LED Replace Traditional Fresnels? Mole-Richardson and VisionSmith By Sherwin Lau PRODUCTION What to Wear and Not Wear to a Film Set How to Dress for the Job By Scott Spears SCREENWRITING 60 Second Ad Plot Point Breakdown Budweiser Super Bowl Puppy Commercial 2015 By Sherri Sheridan The Importance of Writing Multi-Layered Characters Unmasking Your Characters By David Landau AUDIO The Sound Shark Capture Audio from Greater Distance with Better Focus By Bart Weiss ONLINE The Rebirth of Live Live streaming for 360 video. By Al Caudullo EVENTS Industry Tradeshows IBC, NAB New York, NAB Las Vegas, CineTech Expo Alicia Mayer Resurrects Movie History with Groundbreaking Mayer Family Presentation Untold Tales from Hollywood’s Classic Years By Scott Essman DISTRIBUTION Call for Entries NETWORKING International Filmmakers Network Member Spotlight | Mark McKeown