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The Complete Guide to Film and Digital Production: The People and The Process, 3rd Edition

The Complete Guide to Film and Digital Production: The People and The Process, 3rd Edition

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This expanded, updated, and revised third edition of Lorene Wales’ The Complete Guide to Film and Digital Production offers a comprehensive introduction to the positions/roles, procedures, and logistics of the film and digital video production process, from development and pre-production all the way to marketing and distribution. Lorene Wales offers a hands-on approach suitable for projects of any budget and scale, explaining every stage and key role/position in the life of a film and providing a wealth of sample checklists, schedules, accounting paperwork, and downloadable forms and templates for practical use. Other topics include a description of the latest mobile apps used in production, tax incentives, the DIT, set safety, and an expanded chapter on copyright, fair use and other legal matters. A companion website includes video tutorials, a personnel hierarchy, a guide to mobile apps useful during production, PowerPoints for instructor use, and a complete set of sample production forms and templates for download, including schedules, accounting paperwork, releases, and production checklists.

By Lorene M. Wales Routledge 384 pages Paperback: 9781138239821 pub: 2017-02-22

Table of Contents

Part I. Prep and Production 1. The Development Process 2. Producing Media 3. Script Breakdown and Scheduling 4. The Budget 5. Set Safety 6. The Production Office 7. The Director’s Team and 2nd Unit 8. Casting, Actors, Extras, and Stunt People 9. Art Department 10. Camera Department 11. Grip and Electric 12. Sound Department 13. Special Effects and Visual Effects 14. Wardrobe Department 15. Makeup and Hair 16. Locations 17. Transportation Department Part II. Post-Production 18. Post-Production 19. Music Part III. The Rest of the Story 20. Contractuals & Other Matters 21. Miscellaneous


The Complete Guide to Film and Digital Production is exactly what it’s title says it is: complete. It’s a terrific all-in-one guide to the ins and outs of production, from planning to distribution to marketing, from an experienced professional and professor who understands how the industry has changed over the past decade. It’s an essential volume for any production library or classroom. —Chris Hansen, Independent Filmmaker and Chair, Department of Film & Digital Media, Baylor University

About the Author

Dr. Lorene Wales started her career out west in Los Angeles, California as a Production Assistant in low budget independent feature films and worked her way up to 1st Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager and Producer on low and higher budget features. After leaving L.A. she began a teaching career on the east coast and continues to work in production, most recently as Executive Producer for In-Lawfully Yours (Netflix). She is currently an Associate Professor in Cinematic Arts at Liberty University.