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StudentFilmmakers Magazine Digtal Magazine has the same articles as the print and more in an easy to download digital format.

Each issue addresses the needs of the five distinct phases of film and video making – development, pre-production, production, post production, and distribution – for educators, students and the continuing education of the professionals of today’s industry. High-level educational articles, insider techniques and best practices, stories, interviews, industry news, and high-end technology news highlight categories such as Cinematography, Lighting, Directing, Camerawork, Editing, Audio, Animation, Special FX, Screenwriting, Producing, Distribution, and more. StudentFilmmakers Magazine brings together students, professors, and independent filmmakers of all ages and levels around the globe into one network and community.


“Your magazine [StudentFilmmakers Magazine] has some very high-end stuff, and it’s good people, and I’m really impressed. I think that the quality of writers is phenomenal. It might be over the heads of some of your readers, but for others, it is a good resource.”
– Ron Dexter, ASC

“I came by a copy of StudentFilmmakers Magazine just by complete and sheer luck. I was in the local library one day when they had their magazines on sale, 3 for $.25. I flipped through the bocket of old magazines of all sorts. And at the very bottom was this single copy of StudentFilmmakers Magazine. Well, as you can imagine, I felt like I had struck gold. I have read it cover to cover, and it goes everywhere with me. I read it on the bus to film class, during the break, I take it to work with me and read it on lunch. Thank God for such a publication! I believe I have read my only copy about 5 times now, cover to cover!”
-Carmen Dubois, British Columbia, Canada

“I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the April issue was one of the best ever! It covered almost every aspect of producing film & video, was highly informative. …What really caught my eye was the sections on acting and directing actors, I’ve seen lots of stuff in other mags about the typical cinematography topics, but you have combined it all into one neat package that should cover everyone involved with making films and videos. Keep up the terrific work! Thanks again.”
-Bill Bolton, President of Esplanade Partners, Longmont, Colorado

“It would have been wonderful if I had a magazine such as the StudentFilmmakers magazine available to me when I first started dreaming about becoming a cinematographer. It would have helped greatly to open up and help me understand the world of filmmaking and how to become part of it.”
-Andrew Laszlo, ASC

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