Back Issue | Digital Edition: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, 2010, Volume 5, No. 4



After you purchase this digital issue, you get 5 downloads. Remember to save your downloads to your hard drive and/or mobile devices. (File format: PDF) This issue includes: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, 2010, Volume 5, No. 4 Table of Contents DSLR FILMMAKING Embracing the Canon 7D for a DIY Feature Shoot HDSLR Advantages by Saro Varjabedian CINEMATOGRAPHY Chiaroscuro Lighting The process of lighting a critical scene for a European art house feature film. by Cira Felina Bolla CLOSE-UP Jack Green, ASC Talks about ‘The Look’ And how studying ‘Art’ helped him to visualize… by Ira Tiffen IN PRODUCTION What's Filming in New York? Shooting on Location by Matthew Perlman White Collar Premium Rush The Good Wife Detachment vamperifica My Idiot Brother Not Waving but Drowning Gun Hill Road DOCUMENTARY Documentary Making Tips from the Trenches Interview with Tim Hetherington, Director of Restrepo by Melissa Chan SCREENWRITING How to Write with a Partner From the 70-Beat Outline to the Final Rewrites by Dana Weidman Dorrity PRODUCTION Capture Your Subjects in Low Light and Get a Clean Audio Track Speed Up Your Digital Workflow by Bryant Falk FX Hybrid Visual Effects Techniques Hollywood Trends by Scott Essman FX Bluescreening Tips & Tricks 9 Bluescreen Shooting Tips by Sherri Sheridan TECH FOCUS Best Practices for Lighting with LEDs Exclusive Interview with Telly and Multi-Award Winning Director of Photography Tom Robotham FILM BUSINESS Entertainment Payroll and Accounting “Can’t I Just Do It Myself?” ON CAMPUS Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts Launches New Advanced Post Production Program and New Workshops Empowering Students through Real-World Exercises and Bringing the 'Why’ to the ‘How’ Ways for Overcoming Job-Hunting Challenges with Howard Phillips Columbia College Hollywood Campus Expands While the campus doubles in size, CCH builds 3D, Editing/VFX, and Entertainment Business program offerings. Film Producing Tips and Screenwriting Advice from Alan L. Gansberg ON CAMPUS Maine Media Workshops and College Announce a New Multimedia HDSLR Course Storytelling with HDSLRs Geared Towards the Journalist or Documentarian 3 Quick Pointers for Shooting on HDSLR Tim McLaughlin shares tips for multimedia and documentary projects PRODUCTS & SERVICES In This Issue: Azden Camera Mount Wireless Microphone Systems The AJA Ki Pro Sony Creative Software The Sennheiser MKE 1 Lavalier Mic Abel Cine Tech Doddle CALL FOR ENTRIES In This Issue: Snuggie® Choice Film Awards Contest EVENTS In This Issue: ShowBiz Expo SMPTE Annual Tech Conference & Expo American Film Market AES GV Expo Sundance Film Festival Berlinale European Film Market ASC Awards NAB Show BEA Tribeca Film Festival Festival De Cannes Siggraph UFVA Workshops NETWORKING Dennis R. Sutton James L. Garbose ("Jay") Rob Gunn Jacinda Padilla GLOBAL MARKETPLACE

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