Back Issue | Digital Edition: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, 2011, Volume 6, No. 1



After you purchase this digital issue, you get 5 downloads. Remember to save your downloads to your hard drive and/or mobile devices. (File format: PDF) This issue includes: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, 2011, Volume 6, No. 1 Table of Contents PRE-PRODUCTION Location Scouting Tips for Startup Filmmakers "Will it work logistically?" by Scott Spears CINEMATOGRAPHY What Are Filters Good for Anyway? For when all else fails... by Ira Tiffen CLOSE-UP Five Minarets in New York Cinematographer Shoots New Indie in Anamorphic 35mm Jim Gucciardo Talks about the Digital Intermediate Process by Matthew J. Perlman COMMENTARY How Do You Get Asked Back on the Next Project? Attitude of Gratitude by Thomas McKenney CLOSE-UP Alexandre Aja and Piranha 3D Converting the Film to 3D in Post Interview by Scott Essman DOCUMENTARY Documentary Camerawork, Locations, and Lighting Q&A with David Lent DIRECTING Elicit an Organic and Believable Performance from Your Actors The Acting is the Thing by Jonathan Moore SCREENWRITING Focus on Plot Don’t Depend on Your Characters Alone by Terence Brody MUSIC AND SOUND Location Audio Settings for Avid MC5 Workflow by Fred Ginsburg, C.A.S., Ph.D., MBKS SCREENWRITING Symbols & Images for Sex, Love, and Romance Connect Your Audience to the Rich Stream of Meaning by Pamela Jaye Smith FILM BUSINESS Showing Your Work for That All-Important First-Job Interview Break into the Animation Industry by Tony White FILM BUSINESS A Shot Card for that Shot-in-the-Dark with Film Investors 7 Important Tips by William F. Vartorella, Ph.D., C.B.C. ON CAMPUS School of Visual Arts MFA Social Documentary Film Program Gives Students the Skills They Need to Realize Their Vision "Documentary films have helped shape our history and, more importantly, the stories we tell about ourselves." Directing for Documentaries Quick Tips from Deborah Dickson ON CAMPUS Regent University Helps Film Students Find Their Voices and Bring Their Stories to Their Audience "Filmmaking is a problem solving activity and cameras and lights are tools to help us solve those problems." Filming in Foreign Countries Douglas Miller Shares Pointers MEET THE MANUFACTURER Nila Bringing Sustainable Engineering to Light Exclusive Interview with Jim Sanfilippo United States Senate Continues "Greening of the Capitol" with NILA Energy Efficient LED Lighting Helieon by Bridgelux and Molex Allows Upgrades as LED Technology Advances HDSLR FILMMAKING Achieve Exciting Shots While Raising Production Value Award-Winning Filmmaker Shoots New Documentary with indiSYSTEM DSLR Solutions Gary San Angel Shares Real-World Applications indiSLIDERmini Deluxe indiFOCUS and SNAP! Gears Bulldog MEET THE MANUFACTURER Convergence Shooters Film On Location in Snow and Rain Using SmallHD DP6 Monitors NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Ki Pro Mini: Lens to Post in a Flash EDITING INSIGHTS Organization Jay Ignaszewski Shares an Editing Tip HDSLR FILMMAKING TV and Media Producer Antonio Battista Chooses BeachTek DXA-SLR for DSLR Productions Active XLR Adapter for DSLR Cameras NETWORKING Alex Fuerst Chris Sgaraglino Marina Zhuravleva Shawn Kessler GLOBAL MARKETPLACE

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