Back Issue | Digital Edition: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, August 2007



After you purchase this digital issue, you get 5 downloads. Remember to save your downloads to your hard drive and/or mobile devices. (File format: PDF) This issue includes: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, August 2007 Table of Contents From Standard Definition to High Definition Making the Transition by Jon Firestone Elemental Photography: Set, Camera, Shot Selection, and Lighting Elements to Keep in Mind when Composing an Image by Saro Varjabedian Getting the Time of Day From…A Filter Effect It’s Never Too Early by Ira Tiffen  High-Speed Photography Tips …When Preparing for a High-Speed Shoot by Kevin Zanit Adding ‘Kick’ To Three-Point Lighting Two More Lights You Can Add to Your Cinematography Arsenal by Chris Cavallari Lighting Interviews: Let’s Get Out of Focus Creating a Short Depth of Field by Carl Filoreto Consumer-Generated Ad Contest Lands Music Video Director His First Commercial Brian Lazzaro’s Videography Methods Contribute to a Successful Transition from MTV to National Commercial by Larry Jaffee Q&A with Emmy-Nominated Cinematographer Cira Felina Bolla Award-winning Documentary TV Series, “Stories of the Sharp Experience: Episode 5” by Jody Michelle Solis Using the Full Palette Color is an Emotional Language by Dana Dorrity Laying the Proper Foundation: What Medium Does the Material Tell You It Wants to Be? The Process of Making Choices in Filmmaking by Leonard Guercio Safety First: Working with Mechanical and Makeup FX on Set The End Never Justifies the Means by Myrl A. Schreibman How to Build a Rain Maker Includes Tips for a Successful Downpour by Keith Dearing Makeup Effects Set Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts Includes 7 Tips and Tricks by Todd Debreceni Negotiating a Broadcast Deal for Your Film? What to Do When You’re in the ‘Land of the Low Licensing Fees for Independents’ by Stacey Parks Sound Designing: How Should You Think About Sound? Four-Step Strategy by Mark Kerins Multi-Track Mixing for Location Dialogue Two-Track and Four-Track Recording, and Working with HD Video by Fred Ginsburg C.A.S., Ph. D., MBKS Animated Audio What Comes First: the Animation or the Audio? by Bryant Falk Filmmakers Networking Community This Month’s Featured Networkers by Taryn Bensky and Michele Wein

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