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After you purchase this digital issue, you get 5 downloads. Remember to save your downloads to your hard drive and/or mobile devices. (File format: PDF) This issue includes: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, July 2007 Table of Contents Using a Polarizer to See through a Windshield When Closer Isn’t Clearer by Ira Tiffen Depth of Field Techniques: Using the Panasonic DVX-100A Quick Tips for Creating a More ‘Cinematic’ Image by Gregory Singer Creative Collaborators: The Director and Cinematographer What a Director Should Know About Cinematography and Selecting a DP by Jacqueline B. Frost Shooting and Editing Aloha New York Carolina Cruz Santiago Rides the Wave of Success (and Hard Work) to the Tribeca Film Festival by Taryn Bensky Editing is Re-editing: From Rough Cut to Picture Lock Includes ‘Six Habits of Highly Effective Editors’ by Mark Kerins Using Transitions The Dissolve and the Cut by Lew Schatzer Working with Music for Your Film How music is used, types of rights, working with your composer, and more… by Myrl Screibman Audio Mixing Tips for Editors Five Pointers – from Frequency Mapping to Splits by Bryant Falk Production Design for Dialogue Recording How Other Departments Can Help the Sound Dept. Improve the Quality of Recorded Dialogue by Fred Ginsburg C.A.S. Ph. D. MBKS Creating Make-Up Effects for The Enemy God Achieving FX make-up believably and realistically for a feature shot in a foreign jungle by Todd Debreceni Shooting Abroad in Tanzania A Remote Journey by Carl Filoreto Keeping Handheld Camera Shots Steady A Shaky Horizon by Chris Cavallari Cinema and “Reality”: The Importance of Emotional Truth Breaking Down a Story to Its Moral Premise by Michael Karp, SOC Filmmakers Networking Community This Month’s Featured Networkers by Brandi J. Sims

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