Back Issue | Digital Edition: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, June 2008



After you purchase this digital issue, you get 5 downloads. Remember to save your downloads to your hard drive and/or mobile devices. (File format: PDF) This issue includes: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, June 2008 Table of Contents Star Effects: Enliven Points of Light How Star Filters Work by Ira Tiffen Shooting with Film: Long Live Celluloid A Glance at Working with Film Formats, Cameras, Lenses, & Filters by Bryan Michael Stoller 16:9 on the Mind Steps Toward HD Production by Daniel Gaucher Using a Handheld Camcorder for Scene Selection Advantages to Selecting Angles with an HD Camcorder by George Avgerakis Helping Your Actors Overcome Their Fears of the Audience ‘Top Key Principle’ on Working with Actors Revealed by John Badham Persistence of Vision: Exclusive Interview with M. Night Shyamalan Award-Winning Director/Writer Discusses His New Film, The Happening by Leonard Guercio Creating On-the-Fly Solutions On Location But There is No Substitution for Pre-Production by Myrl Schreibman Common Mistakes Every Filmmaker Will Make In a Perfect World, You Would Know Better… by Chris Cavallari From a Teacher’s Perspective: Transitioning to a New Workflow with HD Cameras Includes 7 Questions to Ask before You Buy New HD Equipment by David Kaminski The Visual Language of Before the Rains From Script, Metaphor and Motif – to Cinematography and Camera Techniques by Mary Ann Skweres An Itemized Audio/Video Production List Have All Your Angles Covered by Bryant Falk 5 Big Distribution Myths What Gets and What Doesn’t Get Distribution? by Stacey Parks Special FX Makeup: The Importance of Pre-Production ‘Often times an artist will be asked to come up with something off-the-cuff.’ by Todd Debreceni Filmmakers Networking This Month’s Featured Networkers  

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