Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers: Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd, 1st Edition



Whether you’re a producer, screenwriter, filmmaker, or other creative, you probably have a project that needs constant exposure, or a product to promote. But how do you rise above the noise? In Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers: Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd, Richard Botto explains how to put crowdsourcing to use for your creative project, using social media, networking, branding, crowdfunding, and an understanding of your audience to build effective crowdsourcing campaigns, sourcing everything from film equipment to shooting locations. Botto covers all aspects of crowdsourcing: how to create the message of your brand, project, or initiative; how to mold, shape, and adjust it based on mass response; how to broadcast a message to a targeted group and engage those with similar likes, beliefs, or interests; and finally, how to cultivate those relationships to the point where the message is no longer put forth solely by you, but carried and broadcasted by those who have responded to it. Using a wealth of case studies and practical know-how based on his years of experience in the industry and as founder of Stage 32—the largest crowdsourced platform for film creatives—Richard Botto presents a comprehensive and hands-on guide to crowdsourcing creatively and expertly putting your audience to work on your behalf.

By Richard Botto Routledge 284 pages Paperback: 9781138849891 pub: 2017-09-25


Table of Contents

Foreword Acknowledgments Chapter 1: Allow Myself To Introduce…Myself Chapter 2: Let’s Get One Thing Out of the Way Immediately Chapter 3: So What The Hell Is Crowdsourcing Anyway? Chapter 4: A Most Excellent Crowdsourcing Adventure Chapter 5: The Moment of Truth: My Definition of Crowdsourcing Chapter 6: Why Should We Crowdsource? (Will You Whistle for Me?) Chapter 7: Digging Deeper – The Power of Crowdsourcing Chapter 8: Case Study #1: Sheila Scorned Chapter 9: What Word In Social Media Don’t You Understand? Chapter 10: Taking it To The Streets – Networking Offline Chapter 11: Case Study #2: Rising Star Chapter 12: Crowdfunding – Get Your Money For Nothin’ and Your Chicks For Free Chapter 13: A Guy Walks Into a Bar and Asks Everyone For $1,000 Chapter 14: Case Study #3 – Mile…Mile and a Half Chapter 15: Case Study #4 – Stage 32 Chapter 16: My Ask Index

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