Drawing the Line: Technical Hand Drafting for Film and Television, 1st Edition




Drawing the Line: Technical Hand Drafting for Film and Television is the essential resource for students and aspiring professionals studying and working in film and television design. The book covers all aspects of scenic drafting by hand – a technique still used in film and television because of its unparalleled emotive and aesthetic qualities. Discover how to draw the iconic scroll of a classical column or learn the difference between Flemish bond and English bond brickwork – it is all here! Other key features include the following:
  • Beautifully illustrated, approachable, step-by-step instructions for every aspect of scenic drafting – specific to film and television;
  • Illustrated explanations of camera lenses, including calculating aspect ratios and projections;
  • Coverage of the four types of drafting projection: isometric, oblique, orthographic and axonometric;
  • A comprehensive glossary of terms, including an illustration of each entry.
This beautiful book is clear, accessible, and a must-have for any student aspiring to work in film and television design.

By David McHenry Routledge 162 pages Paperback: 9781138290334 pub: 2018-02-12

Table of Contents

1. Equipment - The Basics 2. Scale 3. The Plan 4. Reflected Ceiling Plan 5. Laying out the Page 6. Lettering and Labeling 7. Title Block 8. Paper Sizes 9. Folding Drawings 10. Triangles 11. Circles 12. Dividing a Line into Equal Parts 13. Polar Point 14. Arches 15. Doors 16. Windows 17. Staircases 18. Bricks 19. Mouldings - Parts of a Circle 20. Isometric Projection 21. Axonometric Projection 22. Oblique Projections 23. Projections of Circles 24. Perspective Grid - Single Point 25. Perspective Grid - Two Point 26. Camera Lens Projections 27. Reflections in a Mirror 28. Calculating Backing Sizes 29. Forced Perspective - Set Shortening 30. Classical Orders 31. Entasis 32. Ionic Volute 33. Sprial Based on Quadrants 34. The Fibonacci Sprial 35. The Golden Section 36. The Sprial (Helix) 37. Surveying 38. Glossary 39. Index


"When David worked with us on Game of Thrones, I was impressed by his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of architecture. He is a fine draughtsman and teacher, and I believe this book will prove invaluable to those wishing to improve their skills at the drawing board." —Paul Ghirardani, Five-Time Emmy Award Winner; Supervising Art Director, Game of Thrones "This excellent book both celebrates and helps to perpetuate the unique skills of hand-drawn orthographic construction draughting for film and television set building. David McHenry’s drawings have a beautiful pictorial quality which, through his sensitive use of line, communicate technical and artistic information. The book is a useful introduction to both students and professionals in the Art Department. A winner!" —Professor Moira Tait, Production Designer and Tutor; Member of BAFTA, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts

About the Author

David McHenry studied Theatre Design in London at the Central School of Art and Design, and has worked in Theatre, Television and Film for 40 years as Designer, Art Director, Storyboard Artist, Draughtsman and Lecturer. McHenry’s recent work includes Game of Thrones and Black Sails. He teaches at the University of the Arts, Wimbledon in the Screen Design Department and also runs three courses at the London Film School.

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