Film Marketing, 2nd Edition




The role of the film marketer is both vital and challenging. Promotion is one of the industry’s biggest costs, with the campaign of a large film costing up to half its production budget. Box office results, however, are wildly unpredictable: relatively few films a year make a profit. These market conditions make this a unique industry and film marketing a specific and demanding skill set that requires attention early in the career of any marketing student looking to progress in the industry. This new edition of Film Marketing is a thorough update of the first textbook in film promotion. Like in the first edition, Kerrigan takes a socio-cultural, as well as a business view of film marketing and its impact, covering different approaches to promotion according to different aims and audiences internally and externally, and across the world. This book addresses all areas of film marketing from the rigorous perspective of someone with first-hand knowledge of the trade. This new edition also includes:
  • Additional pedagogy and visual examples to reinforce key points
  • A more international range of cases and coverage of non-Western markets to give a global overview of film marketing across the world
  • New and expanded sections on social media, digital promotion, transmedia and crowdfunding
This is the original film marketing text which no engaged film or marketing student should be without.

By Finola Kerrigan Routledge 188 pages | 19 B/W Illus. Paperback: 9781138013360 pub: 2017-03-13

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Introduction Chapter 2- The Origins and Development of the Film Industry Chapter 3- Market Research in the Film Industry Chapter 4- The Film Marketing Mix Chapter 5- Bringing the consumer in Chapter 6- Traditional Film Marketing Materials Chapter 7- Consumer Selection of Films Chapter 8- Critical reception Chapter 9- Distribution Chapter 10- Marketing through film Chapter 11- Conclusions References


Film Marketing is the only book you need on the subject. Kerrigan is a world class expert who understands both the historical, as well as the up-to-the-minute realities of marketing film. She presents the complex, ever-changing world of film with fluidity and great insight. It is a must read for all producers, executives and students. Gillian Gordon, Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway University of London, UK. Readers with an interest in the motion picture industry in general and the marketing of films in particular will applaud this updated edition of Finola Kerrigan’s classic on Film Marketing – to which she has added an expanded focus on the co-production of value by producers and consumers, with greater attention to the role of the audience in the interpretive reception of motion pictures. Her concerns range from the historical development of the film industry to movie marketing in the age of social media, to the nature of the cinematic consumption experience, to the societal impact of motion pictures. A must-read for all movie business buffs. Morris B. Holbrook, W. T. Dillard Professor Emeritus of Marketing, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, USA. With her first edition, Finola Kerrigan instantly provided the authoritative study of film marketing. Now this enriched and updated edition provides the very best text on contemporary marketing practices in the film business. Again the book demonstrates Kerrigan’s impressive ability to clearly communicate while synthesizing concepts and insights from a range of perspectives. This is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand how marketing forms the vital link between the producers and consumers of films. Paul McDonald, Head of Department, Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King's College London, UK.

About the Author

Finola Kerrigan is Reader in Marketing and Consumption at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.

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