Film Semiotics, Metz, and Leone's Trilogy

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ISBN 9781138969773; Paperback
248 Pages

Film Semiotics, Metz, and Leone's Trilogy
By Lane Roth

Book Description

Semiotics offers a systematic approach to analysing the stylistic structure of film. When this study was originally published in 1983 this was a recent addition to the methods of film study and it presents an explanation of film semiotics with direct application to comparative film research. It takes as its representative subject one trilogy of films and applies semiology, with careful textual analysis. The book begins with a basic introduction to semiotics and the ideas of Christian Metz on cinesemiotics. It then presents a syntagmatic analysis of each of the three Dollars films, with an outline of autonomous segments for each and a discussion of the findings before undertaking a wider analysis of the trilogy as a whole with commentary on the stylistic unity of the director’s work. This book, an enduring detailed study of these three films, also outlines clearly this method of classifying the formal structuring codes of film communication.

Table of Contents

Preface  1. Introduction to Film Semiotics  2. Methodology of Syntagmatic Analysis  3. Syntagmatic Analysis of Fistful of Dollars  4. Syntagmatic Analysis of For a Few Dollars More  5. Syntagmatic Analysis of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly  6. Paradigmatic Analysis of Leone’s Dollars Trilogy  7. Implications of Study

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