Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media

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Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media
A Multidisciplinary Approach
1st Edition
Edited by Michael Filimowicz

Paperback: 9781138093966
416 pages | 117 B/W Illus.
Publisher: Routledge


This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to foundational topics in sound design for linear media, such as listening and recording; audio postproduction; key musical concepts and forms such as harmony, conceptual sound design, electronica, soundscape, and electroacoustic composition; the audio commons; and sound’s ontology and phenomenology.

The reader will gain a broad understanding of the key concepts and practices that define sound design for its use with moving images as well as important forms of composed sound. The chapters are written by international authors from diverse backgrounds who provide multidisciplinary perspectives on sound in its linear forms.

The volume is designed as a textbook for students and teachers, as a handbook for researchers in sound, media and experience, and as a survey of key trends and ideas for practitioners interested in exploring the boundaries of their profession.

Table of Contents

Series Preface – Michael Filimowicz
Volume Introduction – Michael Filimowicz
    The Nature of Sound and Recording – Andrew Hill
    Invisible seams: the role of Foley and voice post-production recordings in the design of cinematic performances – Sandra Pauletto
    Media Management, Sound Editing and Mixing – George Kalliris, Charalampos A. Dimoulas, Maria Matsiola
    Audio Effects in Sound Design – Brecht De Man
    The Mix Stems: Voice, Effects, Music – Neil Hillman
    Mixing and Mastering – Paul Geluso
    Designing Sound for 3D Films – Damian Candusso
    Compositional Techniques for Sound Design – Sarah Pickett
    Music Theory for Sound Designers – Adam Melvin, Brian Bridges
    Leveraging Online Audio Commons Content for Media Production – Anna Xamboì, Frederic Font, György Fazekas, Mathieu Barthet
    Sound Ontologies. Methods and Approaches for the Description of Sound – Davide Andrea Mauro, Andrea Valle
    Electroacoustic Music: An Art of Sound – Andrew Hill
    Electronic Dance Music in Narrative Film – Roberto Filoseta
    Soundscape Composition – listening to context and contingency – John Levack Drever
    From feeling vibrations to building audio-visual scenes: The perceptual practice of storytelling with sound – Isabelle Delmotte

About the Editor

Michael Filimowicz, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University and coeditor of The Soundtrack journal. He develops new forms of general-purpose multimodal and audiovisual display technology, exploring novel product lines across different application contexts including gaming, immersive exhibitions, control rooms, telepresence and simulation-based training. He has published across disciplines in journals such as Organised Sound, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, Leonardo, Sound Effects, Parsons Journal for Information Mapping and Semiotica. His art has been exhibited internationally at venues such as SIGGRAPH, Re-New, Design Shanghai, ARTECH, Les Instants Vidéo, IDEAS, Kinsey Institute, and Art Currents, and published in monographs such as Spotlight: 20 Years of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography, Reframing Photography and Infinite Instances. His personal website is

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