Michael Freeman's Photo School Fundamentals: Exposure, Light & Lighting, Composition



This book teaches the fundamentals of photography not just through comprehensive lessons and instructions, but also through challenges in which readers can participate...
Michael Freeman, an acclaimed international photographer and author of more than 40 books on the practice of photography, including the international best-selling The Photographer's Eye. Key Features:
  • Sample photographs from students demonstrate many possible approaches
  • Companion website with resources for all readers – photo sharing for students and course resources for professors including test banks, slides and lecture notes.
  • Contains expert feedback as to which shots are the best and why they work
  • Practically based – the reader applies what they’ve learned to specific shooting scenarios
  • Helps the reader to understand the finer nuances of exposure control
  • Michael Freeman is internationally known for his teachings on composition
  • Contains clear diagrams, illustrating all the key concepts
  • Addresses every tool in the digital darkroom
  • Compares and contrasts different philosophies on image editing
Photography is international best-seller Michael Freeman’s life, and in this book he works together with fellow photography experts to share his and their knowledge with anyone who wants to learn not only how to take better photos, but also why those photographs work and where they fit in with the history of the craft. Inspired by the structure of a college course and the benefits of a collective learning environment, this book teaches the fundamentals of photography not just through comprehensive lessons and instructions, but also through challenges in which readers can participate. Sample work from Michael’s students provides inspiration, and critical evaluations of the results ensure that the core concepts are being grasped every step of the way. Additionally, readers can join in by sharing their work via the series’ dedicated website. "Photo School Fundamentals is an amazing photography book. It’s tremendously informative, and teaches without being overly technical. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in photography." - David Indish, Bricks of the Dead Contents: EXPOSURE, Measuring the Light, Advanced Exposure Methods, Mastering Creative Exposure; LIGHT & LIGHTING, Lighting Fundamentals, Daylight, Artificial Light, Photographic Lighting, Lighting Styles; COMPOSITION, Basics, Geometrics, Color Pattern Space & Light, Technical, Post-Production. DIGITAL EDITING. Author's previous publications include
  • The Photographer’s Eye. Michael Freeman, 9780240809342, 192 pp, 5/2007, LOT: US: 110,241, $300,000+ worldwide.
  • The Photographer’s Mind. Michael Freeman, 9780240815176, 192 pp, 9/2010, LOT: 21436
  • Perfect Exposure, Michael Freeman, 9780240811710, 192 pp, 3/2009, LOT: 20921
  • The Complete Guide to Digital Photography, 5e, Michael Freeman, 224 pp, 7/2011, Pixiq.
  • Michael Freeman’s Top Digital Photography Tips, Michael Freeman, 9781600594182, 176 pp, 10/2008, Lark.

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