Guerrilla Film Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to the Branding, Marketing and Promotion of Independent Films & Filmmakers, 1st Edition




Create an irresistible brand image and build an audience of loyal and engaged fans… Guerrilla Film Marketing takes readers through each step of the film branding, marketing and promotional process. Tailored specifically to low-budget independent films and filmmakers, Guerrilla Film Marketing offers practical and immediately implementable advice for marketing considerations across every stage of the film production process. Written by leading film industry professional Robert G. Barnwell, Guerrilla Film Marketing teaches readers how to:
  • Master the fundamentals of guerrilla branding, marketing and promotion;
  • Create an integrated marketing plan and calendar based on realistic budgets and expectations;
  • Develop internet and social media marketing campaigns, including engaging studio and film websites and powerful, marketing-centric IMDb listings;
  • Assemble behind-the-scenes pictures, videos and documentaries;
  • Produce marketing materials such as key art, posters, film teasers, trailers and electronic press kits (aka "EPKs"); and
  • Maximize the marketing impact of events such as test screenings, premiers, film festivals and industry award ceremonies.
Guerrilla Film Marketing is filled with dozens of step-by-step instructions, checklists, tools, a glossary, templates and other resources. A downloadable eResource also includes a sample marketing plan and audit, a test screening questionnaire, and more.

By Robert G. Barnwell Routledge 300 pages Paperback: 9781138916456 pub: 2018-07-16

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 – Guerrilla Branding, Marketing & Promotion Chapter 2 – Creating an Irresistible Brand Identity Chapter 3 – Building an Engaged Community of Friends & Fans Chapter 4 – Marketability vs Playability (or "How to Produce Niche-Dominating Blockbusters") Chapter 5 – Pitching & Networking Chapter 6 – Key Art & Posters Chapter 7 – Teasers & Trailers Chapter 8 – Behind the Scenes Photos, Production Stills, Videos, Interviews & Special Features Chapter 9 – IMDb – Marketing & Promotion Chapter 10 – Social Media & Video Marketing Platforms Chapter 11 – Dedicated Film & Filmmaker Websites Chapter 12 – Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) & Press Books Chapter 13 – Media Relations & Public Releases Chapter 14 – Event Marketing: Premiers, Festivals, Film Markets & Other Events Chapter 15 – High-Impact Low-Cost Advertising & Promotion Chapter 16 – Distribution Branding, Marketing and Promotional Audit Marketing Plan Test Screening Questionnaire Glossary About the Author Index

About the Author

Robert G. Barnwell is the founder and creative director of a small independent production company established to reduce the risks and increase the profitability of low-budget film projects on behalf of its investors. Previously, he worked as a strategy consultant and corporate banker providing advice and financing for such studios as 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Disney, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers. Robert has served as an adjunct professor at Ringling College of Art & Design and as a speaker and guest lecturer at several leading film schools, seminars, and workshops.

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