Indian Movie Entrepreneurship

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Indian Movie Entrepreneurship
Not just song and dance
By Rajeev Kamineni, Ruth Rentschler

ISBN 9781138393813; Paperback
134 Pages

Book Description

One of the world’s most prolific creative industries, the Indian movie industry
has received scant attention for its spirit of enterprise. Indian Movie Entrepreneurship
addresses this omission.

For many readers, it might come as a surprise that the Indian movie industry is
not just Bollywood and that it has several regional clusters, which are just as vibrant,
with a significant output. The authors begin by outlining the contours of Indian
cinema and the different regional language hubs that form part of the larger picture.

The reader is then offered a glimpse into the actual process of making a film
from day zero to release day. The key players in the Indian movie ecosystem are
analysed, with the central role of the producer highlighted. Concluding with a look
into the future of the entrepreneurial process in the Indian movie industry, the
authors illuminate the shifting parameters of distribution and exhibition.

Appealing to those interested in understanding the entrepreneurial journey of
the Indian movie industry, the book provides a sneak peek into the business
landscape of India more broadly.

Table of Contents

1. Indian Movie Entrepreneurship: Opening Credits

2. Indian Movie Diversity: The Different Woods

3. Entrepreneurial Movie Producers in India

4. Green Lighting: Resourcing Movies in India

5. Managing Indian Movie Stars: Starry Tantrums, Combination Craze

6. Blockbusters and Bombs in the Indian Movie Business

7. The Future of Entrepreneurship in Indian Cinema: Closing Credits

Author Biography

Rajeev Kamineni was actively involved in the production, marketing and business
development of 14 movies in the Indian movie industry. He was a member of
the board of the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF), and an organising
committee member of the Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF).

Ruth Rentschler OAM has more than 20 years’ experience in services, arts and
cultural management; and leadership in hospitality, the creative industries and academia. She has similar experience working in governance, management and marketing in the non-profit sphere at local, state, national and international levels. She was Head of the School of Management and Professor of Arts and Cultural Leadership at the University of South Australia.


    'Producers are the backbone of a movie industry and this book perfectly chronicles the challenges faced by movie producers' -- Arya, Actor and Producer

    ‘The Indian movie industry encompasses South, North, East and Western regions of India and it is much more than just Bollywood. I am glad that this book takes a holistic view and presents the span and depth of this industry.’ -- Katragadda Prasad, President, South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce

    ‘In the past 2 decades, by organising the Chennai International Film Festival, we have successfully placed Chennai on the World map of Cinema. This book takes a step forward in recording the cinema legacy of Chennai and pointing to its historical significance.’ -- Emanadar Thangaraj, Festival Director, Chennai International Film Festival

    ‘Born and brought up in the amazing world of Indian cinema, for me it is riveting to read the incredibly challenging journey of a film entrepreneur that is captured very well in this book’ -- Sanjay Wadhwa, Third generation movie entrepreneur, financier, distributor and content aggregator

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