Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility, 2nd Edition

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Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility, 2nd Edition

A New Puzzle to Solve
By Gary Olson

204 Pages

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of the technology architecture, physical facility changes and – most importantly – the new media management workflows and business processes to support the entire lifecycle of the IP broadcast facility from an engineering and workflow perspective.

Fully updated, this second edition covers the technological evolutions and changes in the media broadcast industry, including the new standards and specifications for live IP production, the SMPTE ST2110 suite of standards, the necessity of protecting against cyber threats and the expansion of cloud services in opening new possibilities. It provides users with the necessary information for planning, organizing, producing and distributing media for the modern broadcast facility.

Key features of this text include:

  • Strategies to implement a cost-effective live and file-based production and distribution system.
  • A cohesive, big-picture viewpoint that helps you identify how to overcome the challenges of upgrading your plant.
  • The impact live production is having on the evolution to IP.
  • Case studies serve as recommendations and examples of use.
  • New considerations in engineering and maintenance of IP and file-based systems.
  • Those in the fields of TV, cable, IT engineering and broadcast engineering will find this book an invaluable resource, as will students learning how to set up modern broadcast facilities and the workflows of contemporary broadcasting.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Standards, Protocols and Acronyms
Chapter 3 Business Processes and Integration
Chapter 4 – Ingest / Acquistion / Capture
Chapter 5 Workflow and Processes
Chapter 6 Media Management
Chapter 7 Technology Infrastructure and Engineering
Chapter 8 Transmission and Delivery
Chapter 9 Cloud
Chapter 10 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 11 - Facility Planning and Design
Chapter 12 – Review


Gary Olson is a Media Technology architect, consultant and advisor for Digital Media Strategies. He has developed a wide range of innovative broadcast, digital media, content management and information solutions, and has designed broadcast centers for both major US networks and for emerging countries. He is a recognized industry leader with practical experience in the analysis, selection and uses of technology and as innovator in media technologies and broadcast design.


Praise for the first edition:
'To my knowledge this is the first attempt by anyone to document the changing technology in broadcast engineering. Gary does it very well; it could finish up as the industry bible on the subject.' - David MacGregor, Chairman, TSL, UK

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