Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Film and Games

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Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Film and Games
By Renee Dunlop

376 Pages

Every production is built on the backbone of the pipeline. While a functional and flexible pipeline can’t assure a successful project, a weak pipeline can guarantee its demise. A solid pipeline produces a superior product in less time and with happier artists who can remain creative throughout the grueling production schedule.

Walk through the foundational layers of the production pipeline, including IT infrastructure, software development practices and deployment policies, asset management, shot management, and rendering management. Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Film and Games will teach you how to direct limited resources to the right technological initiatives, getting the most for every dollar spent.
  •     Learn how to prepare for and manage all aspects of the pipeline with this entirely unique, one-of-a-kind guide.
  •     Expand your knowledge with real-world pipeline secrets handed to you by a stellar group of professionals from across the globe.
  •     Visit the companion website for even further resources on the pipeline.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: Production Pipeline Overview

    Chapter 3: Basic Functionality

    Chapter 4: Systems Infrastructure for a Studio Environment

    Chapter 5: Software for a Studio Environment

    Chapter 6: Handling Data

    Chapter 7: Asset Management

    Chapter 8: Production Management and Technology

    Chapter 9: Tying it All Together

    Chapter 10: Upcoming Trends and Technologies

    Chapter 11: Further Education

    Chapter 12: Glossary


Renee Dunlop has 20 years in the entertainment industry, working as a script analyst, editor, technical writer, and FX journalist where her work has been published in VFXWorld, Below the Line, 3D World, 3D Artist, CG World, CGSociety and Variety. Previously, she worked for Alias|Wavefront, SGI, Sierra On-Line, xRez Studio, Image Metrics, Craft Animations, Fox and Sony. Her titles include costume designer and fabric artist, lecturer, project manager, art director and post-production artist spanning both film and games. Her traditional art has been exhibited in galleries and CG storyboard at James A. Michener Art Museum's Computer Graphics exhibition.

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