Real Retouching: A Professional Step-by-Step Guide

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As you work through the clear step-by-step instructions in the book using the images provided on the bonus CD, you'll learn how to do real retouching jobs from start to finish, including each and every technical step along the way...
Carrie Beene, Professional retoucher. Clients include MAC, Revlon, Maybelline, Elizabeth Arden, L’Oreal, Chantecaille, DEVA, Shape Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, Vogue, W, OK Magazine, Paper, V magazine, Vanity Fair, ID, Allure, Arena and more. Market: Professional photographers who want to add retouching abilities to their skill set; aspiring and/or working retouchers who want to learn new skills or brush up on current techniques; serious Photoshop enthusiasts who edit their own personal images; digital arts students; Art Directors. This is not a "how-to-use Photoshop" book; the focus is solely on using Photoshop specifically for retouching, so readers must be intermediate to advanced Photoshop users who know their way around the software. Key Features: *Offers insider advice through never before published retouching secrets to give you a leg up on the competition *Includes practical and thorough coverage of exactly how to fix real life problems that you can apply to any retouching job, so that you can present yourself and your work like a professional *The only book of its kind that focuses solely on retouching for the aspiring retoucher or working professional From the perfect glossy pages of a magazine to the larger-than-life images floating on a billboard in the sky, image retouching has become a key component of today's digital photography world. So popular, in fact, that the sheer act of retouching has become its own verb as we often ask ourselves, "I wonder if this image was Photoshopped?" Sometimes controversial but widely accepted, and even expected, excellent retouching skills are crucial to finding success in the field of digital imaging. As you work through the clear step-by-step instructions in the book using the images provided on the bonus CD, you'll learn how to do real retouching jobs from start to finish, including each and every technical step along the way. You'll also get behind the scenes advice for talking to clients and establishing a workflow to ensure that your client gets the results they are looking for. If you're a student or aspiring professional just starting out in the world of retouching, the information found in this book can help you find work in the advertising/retouching industry. If you're already a working photographer, you'll be able to add retouching to your repertoire as an additional offering to your clients. Carrie Beene is a professional retoucher and educator who has worked with some of the world's most prestigious companies, including Revlon, MAC, and L'Oreal, and has contributed imagery to such renowned publications as the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and Vanity Fair. In this excellent new book, she'll share the techniques she has learned and developed over the years to help you navigate the often mysterious world of image retouching. Contents: Introduction: The goal behind retouching ad images; How the public views retouching; Following this step-by-step retoucher's guide; Chapter 1: The Client Relationship: Clarifying job details; How to read markups; What are rounds? And how to negotiate them; Chapter 2: Getting Started: The retoucher's palette; Retouching brushes; Quick basics; Chapter 3: The Editorial/Lifestyle: Checking your file and beginning your job; Warping (liquify, free transform, skew, etc); Masking; Color correction; Creating shape and POP; Finish the first round and submit; Chapter 4: Beauty Retouching: Checking your file and beginning your job; Retouching skin and hair; Eyelashes and eyebrows; Lips; Skin tones and balancing; Color correction; Chapter 5: Hair Retouching; Refining edges and stray hairs; Replacing bad areas with new hair; Brushes for drawing hair; Creating shine; Changing the color; Finish the first round and submit; Chapter 6: Product Retouching: Paths and hard edges; Illustrator files for type; Simplifying reflections; Separating products into 'Normal' folders; Color correction/using the lightbox; Finish the first round and submit; Chapter 7: Addressing the markups: The Lifestyle; The Beauty; The Product; Chapter 8: Creating a New Background; Compositing to the FPO; Creating a blur layer; Creating glows, flares and sparkles; Chapter 9: Replacing the background: Complex silos; Using modes to create realistic hair edges; Color correcting hair onto a new background; Extensions and banding; Chapter 10: Composing the Image: Following the FPO; Putting the beauty and lifestyle together; Creating panels; Matching skin tones; Adding the product; Giving bleed (extensions); Reducing banding with a 'seamless' brush; Finish the third round and submit; Chapter 11: Addressing final mark-ups: Lifestyle; Beauty; Product; Chapter 12: Submitting final files: Creating a "simple" file; Checking at 200%; Download and proof; Archiving; Index of industry terms

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