Sound for Digital Video, 2nd Edition



This fresh edition is chockfull of techniques, tricks, and workflow secrets that you can apply to your own projects from preproduction through postproduction.
Tomlinson Holman, President of TMH Corporation; former Corporate Technical Director at Lucasfilm, Ltd., CA, USA and Arthur Baum, University of Southern California Market: Filmmakers shooting with digital video on lower budgets; students in film and television schools Key Features: *Learn how to get great sound on a limited budget, from the recognized expert in the field *Provides tips and instructions for improving sound, from planning through mixing *Includes CD with recording and editing exercises Achieve professional quality sound on a limited budget! Harness all new, Hollywood style audio techniques to bring your independent film and video productions to the next level. In Sound for Digital Video, Second Edition industry experts Tomlinson Holman and Arthur Baum give you the tools and knowledge to apply recent advances in audio capture, video recording, editing workflow, and mixing to your own film or video with stunning results. This fresh edition is chockfull of techniques, tricks, and workflow secrets that you can apply to your own projects from preproduction through postproduction. New to this edition:
  • A new feature on "true" 24p shooting and editing systems, as well as single vs. double-system recording
  • A strong focus on new media, including mini-DVDs, hard disks, memory cards, and standard and high-definition imagery
  • Discussion of camera selection, manual level control, camera and recorder inputs, location scouting, and preproduction planning
  • Instruction in connectors, real-time transfers, and file-based transfers from DVDs, hard drives, and solid state media.
  • Blu-Ray and HD tape formats for mastering and distribution in addition to file-based, DV, and DVD masters.
  • A revamped companion website,, featuring recording and editing exercises, examples and sample tracks
Whether you are an amateur filmmaker who wants to create great sound or an advanced professional in need of a reference guide, Sound for Digital Video, Second Edition is an essential addition to your digital audio tool belt. "Even if your projects will never reach the complexity of a Hollywood feature, you can learn a lot from this book. It is clearly written, and Holman doesn't hesitate to share his encyclopedic knowledge and experience." - Jay Rose "Although his focus is bringing professional techniques to budget productions, Holman imparts plenty of useful information to anyone involved in sound for picture." - Electronic Musician "A good initial guide for the budding AV artist." - DJ magazine "This is an excellent technical manual, packed with hard practical information....the chapters on sound design, editing, mixing, and monitoring are first class." - BKSTS magazine, May 2006 Contents: Production Sound, aka Location Sound; Original Sound Recording; Sound Design; Connecting Up; Reference Levels; Editing; Mixing; Masters and Monitoring; Basic Video for Audio People

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