Sound Systems: Design and Optimization, 3rd Edition

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ISBN 9780415731010; paperback
580 Pages

Sound Systems: Design and Optimization, 3rd Edition
Modern Techniques and Tools for Sound System Design and Alignment
By Bob McCarthy

Book Description

Sound Systems: Design and Optimization provides an accessible and unique perspective on the behavior of sound systems in the practical world. The third edition reflects current trends in the audio field thereby providing readers with the newest methodologies and techniques.

In this greatly expanded new edition, you’ll find clearer explanations, a more streamlined organization, increased coverage of current technologies and comprehensive case studies of the author’s award-winning work in the field.

As the only book devoted exclusively to modern tools and techniques in this emerging field, Sound Systems: Design and Optimization provides the specialized guidance needed to perfect your design skills.

This book helps you:
  •     Improve your design and optimization decisions by understanding how audiences perceive reinforced sound
  •     Use modern analyzers and prediction programs to select speaker placement, equalization, delay and level settings based on how loudspeakers interact in the space
  •     Define speaker array configurations and design strategies that maximize the potential for spatial uniformity
  •     Gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools and techniques required to generate a design that will create a successful transmission/reception model

Table of Contents

Section 1:Sound Systems

1 Foundation

2 Classification

3 Transmission

4 Summation

5 Perception

Section 2: Design

6 Evaluation

7 Prediction

8 Variation

9 Combination

10 Cancellation

11 Specification

Section 3: Optimization

12 Examination

13 Verification

14 Calibration

15 Application


Bob McCarthy is the director of system optimization at Meyer Sound and president of Alignment & Design, Inc. As a developer of FFT analysis systems, he pioneered the methods for tuning modern speaker systems that have since become standard practice in the industry. He is the foremost educator in the field of sound system optimization and has conducted training courses worldwide for over thirty years. Bob received the USITT Distinguished Achiever in Sound Design in 2014. His clients have included esteemed companies such as Cirque du Soleil and Walt Disney Entertainment, as well as many of the world’s best sound designers, including Jonathan Deans, Tony Meola, Andrew Bruce, and Tom Clark.

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