Techniques and Best Practices for Stereoscopic Filmmakers

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ISBN 9781138847897; Paperback
226 Pages - 264 Color Illustrations

3D Filmmaking
Techniques and Best Practices for Stereoscopic Filmmakers
By Celine Tricart

Book Description

A visual book for the visual artist, 3D Filmmaking: Techniques and Best Practices for Stereoscopic Filmmakers provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, language, and methods behind stereoscopic 3D filmmaking, all in one package. Celebrated 3D filmmaker Celine Tricart explores every facet of the art, from the technical to the practical, including:

    3D vision

    History of 3D cinema

    Stereoscopic basics and techniques

    How to shoot in 3D

    3D VFXs, animation in 3D, and 2D to 3D conversion

    Live broadcast in 3D

    3D viewing and projection

    3D as a storytelling tool

    Screenwriting for 3D

    Working with a stereographer

    3D storyboarding and previz

    3D postproduction

    Sound design in-depth

A must-read for any 3D filmmaker, producer, writer, or technician interested in the third dimension, 3D Filmmaking covers the history of the form, defines key 3D terms and places them into context, and offers lessons on using the medium as a visual storytelling tool, creating a perfect blend of concepts, practice, and history. Full color throughout, the book also includes a pair of 3D glasses for you to view the 3D images within, and each chapter features detailed color diagrams and examples in anaglyph 3D, as well as interviews with 3D visionaries like Jean Pierre Jeunet (Director, Amélie, Alien 4), Chris Sanders (Director, How to Train Your Dragon, The Croods), Demetri Portelli (Stereographer, Hugo), Phil McNally (Stereoscopic Supervisor, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar 4), Tim Webber (VFX supervisor, Gravity), Scott Farrar (VFX supervisor, the Transformers franchise), and Victoria Alonso (Stereoscopic Supervisor, Marvel Studios).

A companion website ( features links to useful resources and footage from 3D films.

Table of Contents

Part I. 3D: Theoretical and Technical Foundations
1. Stereoscopic Vision
2. History of 3D Cinema
3. Stereoscopic Basis and Techniques
4. 3D Viewing and Projection
Part II. 3D: A Filmmaking Language
5. Stereoscopy: A New Art?
6. 3D as a Storytelling Tool
7. Make a Film in 3D
8. Key Concepts
Conclusion: The Future of 3D


Celine Tricart is a filmmaker and stereographer. Since 2008 she has been the stereographer behind more than 20 live 3D broadcasts, commercials, and documentaries, including the first French 3D film, Behind the Walls. Celine also served as a 3D Rig Technician on the 2014 box office hits Stalingrad and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

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