Television Production, 17th Edition

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ISBN 9780367136338
430 Pages - 690 Color Illustrations

Television Production, 17th Edition
By Jim Owens

Book Description

Gain the skills you need to succeed in the television industry and master the production process, from shooting and producing, to editing and distribution. This new and updated 17th edition of Television Production offers a thorough and practical guide to professional TV production techniques. Learn how to anticipate and quickly overcome commonly encountered problems in television production as author Jim Owens details each role and process, including the secrets of top-grade camerawork, persuasive lighting techniques, and effective sound treatment, as well as the subtle processes of scenic design, directing, and the art of video editing.

Updated throughout, containing a range of new figures and diagrams, the 17th edition of this classic text includes:

  • A discussion of the changing definition of "television" and how new technology alters viewing habits;
  • Interviews with professionals in the industry about the challenges they face during the production process and the advice they would give to those trying to break into the production and television industries;
  • A review of production practices and techniques for VR;
  • A description of the latest cameras and equipment, including LED lighting and remote production;
  • Guidance and techniques for low-budget, DIY-style productions

Table of Contents
1. An Overview of Television Production
2. The People Who Make it Happen
3. The Television Production Facility
4. The Production Process
5. The Script and Production Plan
6. What the Camera Can Do
7. Using the Camera
8. The Persuasive Camera
9. Creating an Effective Image
10. Television Graphics
11. Lighting for Television
12. Backgrounds and Sets
13. Makeup and Costumes
14. Audio for Television
15. Recording the Story
16. Editing the Production
17. Production Practices
18. The Studio Production
19. Directing Talent
20. Production Style
21. Remote Production
22. Distributing Your Production


Jim Owens has worked and taught in the video and television industry for over 30 years. As an Emmy Award-winning producer, he has worked on local, regional, and national productions. Owens’ international television work has included 15 Olympic broadcasts and has taken him to over 25 countries. He is the author of the Video Production Handbook, Television Production, and Television Sports Production (all published by Routledge), and has had over 30 articles published in television and broadcast magazines in the United States and Europe. He served as the curator of the History of Olympic Broadcasting exhibition at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. Owens is Dean of the School of Communication Arts at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, where he has taught since 1981.

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