The Film and Media Creators' Guide to Music, 1st Edition




Music plays an integral role in the experience of film, television, video games, and other media—yet for many directors, producers, and media creators, working with music can be a baffling and intimidating process. The Film and Media Creators’ Guide to Music bridges the gap between musical professionals and the creators of film and other media projects, establishing a shared language while demystifying this collaborative journey. Organized with a modular chapter structure, the book covers fundamental topics including:
  • Why (and when) to use music in a project
  • How to talk about music
  • Licensing existing music
  • Commissioning original music
  • Working with a composer
Geared toward emerging and established creators alike, this book takes a practical approach to the process of finding the best music for all forms of moving image. The Film and Media Creators’ Guide to Music offers hands-on advice for media creators, providing readers with the confidence to approach the planning, commissioning, creation, and placement of music in their projects with the awareness, understanding, and vocabulary that will enable them to be better collaborators and empowered storytellers. For students and professionals working across film and media, this book is the essential guide to using music creatively and effectively.

By Vasco Hexel Routledge 284 pages | 7 B/W Illus. Paperback: 9781138055735 pub: 2018-09-18

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Ottman / Introduction / Chapter 1: Why Use Music at All? / Chapter 2: Different Types of Narrative Media Music / Chapter 3: How to Think and Talk about Music / Chapter 4: When to Think and Talk about Music / Chapter 5: Licensing Existing Music / Chapter 6: Commissioning Original Music / Chapter 7: Collaborating with a Composer / Chapter 8: Finalizing Your Project / Glossary

About the Author

Vasco Hexel is a composer, author, and educator. He leads the Masters Programme in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music, London, UK.

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