Video Production Techniques: Theory and Practice from Concept to Screen, 2nd Edition

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Video Production Techniques

Theory and Practice from Concept to Screen, 2nd Edition

By Donald L Diefenbach, Anne E Slatton

308 pages | 178 B/W Illus.

  • Paperback, ISBN 9781138484566
  • eBook, ISBN 9781351051705

Video Production Techniques is an essential guide to the art and craft of video production. It introduces students to the theoretical foundations as well as the practical skills needed to make a successful video project.

The opening chapter introduces the reader to the language of motion pictures and sets the stage for effective visual storytelling. Unit I guides students through the theory, techniques, and processes of writing, shooting, and editing video productions. Unit II expands on these basic principles to explore the crafts of sound recording/design, lighting, and directing. Unit III surveys the industries, formats, and methods for creating fiction and nonfiction programs. The final unit of the text examines options for distribution and career opportunities in video production.

Newly updated and revised, the second edition of Video Production Techniques unifies theory and practice for instructors and students. It is a great tool for use in introductory-level video production courses and for the independent learner.

The accompanying companion website features instructor resources including a sample syllabus, quiz bank, sample assignments, and PowerPoint slides for each chapter, alongside illustrative video demonstrations for students.



"Video Production Techniques is a very comprehensive and thorough tool for use by aspiring digital media producers. I am recommending this production guide for my digital journalism classes and for my senior level production course. I will also be adding it to my personal library of reference materials."

Bob Judson, Professor of Practice, Georgia State University and Managing Director, GSUTV

Praise for the previous edition:

"The modest title of this book doesn't begin to reflect the ambitious scope of its design. From heady aesthetic theories to an explanation of the LLP form, Video Production Techniques provides one-stop shopping for theory, production, and business. Students of media criticism and the media industry would benefit from this book as much as students of production. After twenty-five years of teaching, I learned a lot from reading it."Robert Thompson, Director, Bleier Center for Television & Popular Culture, Syracuse University

"In the ever-evolving business of television and film, it's nice know that there is a source so accurately assembled, so dense with dynamic information, and at the end of the day, easy and enjoyable to read. Donald Diefenbach has put together an invaluable guide that I'm sure will be the bible for both young and experienced filmmakers alike." Brett Weitz, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, TBS

"I've been reading books that tell you how to make movies since the 1960s and this is far and away the best I've encountered. It covers every aspect of the film and video making process in a fresh, authoritative, readable and clear fashion. It doesn't forget the art of film while teaching the craft of it." Ken Hanke, Film Critic and Author


Table of Contents



CHAPTER 1 Introduction to video production



CHAPTER 2 Writing

CHAPTER 3 Shooting

CHAPTER 4 Editing





CHAPTER 7 Directing



CHAPTER 8 Fiction

CHAPTER 9 Nonfiction



CHAPTER 10 Marketing and distribution

CHAPTER 11 Professional and career opportunities




About the Authors


Donald L. Diefenbach is a professor and chair of Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina Asheville. His video production credits include educational, corporate, and nationally broadcast programming. His research focuses on cultivation analysis and media portrayals of mental health issues. He teaches courses in media literacy, video production, and film studies.

Anne E. Slatton is an award-winning writer and director. She teaches video production and film studies at the University of North Carolina Asheville. Her production work in film and television includes directing, writing, and producing. A frequent panelist on issues of diversity and women in film, her scholarly works include book entries on Sofia Coppola and Lorraine Hansberry.

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