StudentFilmmakers Magazine Testimonials

“Since its first issue, Student Filmmakers magazine has been a wonderful educational resource, with informative articles targeted to the interests of film students everywhere.” M. David Mullen, ASC

StudentFilmmakers.com has advanced my knowledge as a cinematographer through both their information-rich website and hands-on workshops in Manhattan, New York, with industry leaders and experts.”

~Andy Levison, Steadicam Operator, New York

“Thank you very much for the quality magazine and web site! It is, by far, the most awesome resource that I use, not only for my personal development, but also reference and encourage my students at Bowling Green State University to subscribe to. I read several magazines and web sites each month in video and film production. I can honestly say that StudentFilmmakers is by far my favorite publication and web site. The articles are insightful and very useful, the resource links are Invaluable. I look at all the sponsored links and have made purchases from several of your sponsors that I had not visited prior to seeing them advertise on your web site. I regularly look at the classifieds and have successfully sold some of my equipment that I was not currently using. And, very importantly, I have found several people to network with. Excellent job! Thanks for all you do to make it the success that it is!”

-Jose A. Cardenas, SOC, IATSE Local 600, Bowling Green State University, Department of Telecommunications

StudentFilmmakers Magazine reaches far more than film schools. The articles help people making movies of any age. So many professionals still learn and this magazine’s insights cater to all the newest trends in filmmaking, lighting, and technology. When you have contributor’s like John Badham who directed Saturday Night Fever writing for StudentFilmmakers, it attracts filmmakers from every level. I’ve been subscribed for over 3 years.”

– Peter John Ross, Independent Filmmaker

“I’ve only recently been introduced to StudentFilmmakers.com and the publication, and I must honestly say, the website and magazine is a candy store full of goodies about filmmaking! I’ve subscribed to various publications pertaining to my craft as filmmaker and editor, and find myself skipping over articles. But with this publication, I want to take in the entire issue. Not only is it cutting edge, it is highly enjoyable, which places it a huge step ahead of the others. Thanks, StudentFilmmakers, for such a great product!”

– Joe Andolina (Independant Filmmaker in collaboration with
ThreeOneSeven Pictures)

Just renewing my subscription (Can’t wait to see the cinema H2O article!) and wanted to pass along a couple of ‘real world’ observations about the magazine. I get a lot of complimentary subscriptions to industry-related publications, but StudentFilmmakers is one I’m happy to actually pay for. I’ve spent about 10 years working professionally in television production and I can tell you one thing for certain: We’re ALL students. Every market has it’s share of competition, and it’s a perpetual learning curve to stay as many steps ahead of them as possible. Just being creative with your content isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s equally, or even more important to be creative with the processes and techniques you’re using to achieve what’s being asked of you. StudentFilmmakers has proven more than once to be a valuable resource for getting familiar with those processes and techniques, and discovering new ones. Many Thanks for a great publication,

-Jon Stephens, Producer/Editor, WTAP Creative Services

“Love the depth and variety in StudentFilmmakers Magazine: Good writing from knowledgeable people on interesting topics, great articles that fill the gaps in my production know-how. Looking forward to the next edition!”

– Scott Osborn, Writer/Producer/Director/Composer

Being a filmmaker is an everyday learning process that never ends and having StudentFilmmakers as a go-to resource is vital to me. Whether you are a veteran pro or just getting started there’s no better place to go for in-depth, real-world filmmaking trends and best practices for your filmmaking needs. The information you get from StudentFilmmakers is about living it. This is real world hit the ground running filmmaking. You will not be disappointed.

– Gary San Angel, Director

“Patrick Reis at StudentFilmmakers.com gave an excellent presentation on DSLR shooting which filled in the gaps of knowledge for me, as well as gave me new things to try. The hands-on shooting exercise was especially useful for putting it all together. I definitely recommend this workshop! [Two-Day HDSLR Workshop with Patrick Reis]”

~ Krista Cowan, Teacher, Virginia

“StudentFilmmakers.com is a great resource for people working in video, as well as a very cool magazine. I would recommend you check them out.”

Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia

StudentFilmmakers Magazine is a staple among all the media teachers and their classes in our 6 Sacramento Sierra Digital Arts Studio Partnership region. In addition to our email circulation to our membership, we always distribute it during our biannual all youth film festival events now in their 16th year. We believe that digital media arts is a ‘stem cell’ proficiency and digital literacy the 21st Century essential prerequisite every youth most command. Your publication is a vital demonstration of work force achievement, reinforcing youth career appetites and nourishment. We count on you heavily. Thank you for your brilliant work.”

~ William Bronston, MD CEO
Sac Sierra Digital Arts Studio Partnership (501c3)

On the DSLR Lens Selection and Operation Workshop:
“After the workshop with Patrick Reis, I’m seeing the camera through a whole new lens. Workshops with pros like Patrick open up my thinking and give me insight into my own practices.”

~Tim McDonough

“The two day HDSLR Video workshop at StudentFilmmakers was one of the best professional development classes I have ever attended. As someone who lectures to college level students in digital media subjects for a living, I truly appreciated Patrick Reis’ teaching style. It can sometimes be very difficult for an instructor to keep students fully engaged and interested for two entire days, but he was amazing. The material was presented in a way that helped to clarify topics I was previously uncertain about, while also introducing me to valuable industry standard techniques. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to my colleagues and students.

~ James L. Richardson, 3rd Assistant Professor, MPS, New Media Program Coordinator , Humanities Department, LaGuardia Community College

“I am writing to thank you and your staff for the amazing work you guys are doing to support aspiring filmmakers. I participated in the DSLR workshop this past weekend and found it to be edifying and inspiring. Keep up the good work.”

~ Yennypher A. Fernandez
M.S. Candidate in Digital Imaging and Design
CADA, School of Continuing Education, New York University

“As a full time production manager and creative, it is costly and time consuming to keep up on emerging craft & technology. StudentFilmmakers‘ workshops & magazine help lighten the load.”

~ Victor Ramirez, Producer, New York

“I took one of Patrick’s HDSLR workshops in the Fall and found it very valuable for me to attend the 2 Day HDSLR workshop this past weekend. Within just a few months, the cameras, rigs, gear. shooting styles and workflows have continued to change, and it was great to be able to have a review and catch up with the changes. The audio workshop [Day 2] was especially helpful for me. I’ve never shot video without sound and image being recorded to the same tape in sync. What Patrick had to say about the workflow of capturing audio from a source other than on camera included illustrating mistakes that can easily happen. He emphasized the attention and focus needed to prevent them (especially working as a one person band doing your own audio). The workflow he suggested for organizing media with audio recorded separately will save me valuable time in the future in post. I’ve taken other workshops at StudentFilmmakers.com [Manhattan, New York] and as well as the quality of the instructors and the courses offered I’d recommend them because they’re fun, affordable and provide the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of other filmmakers.”

-Courtney Harmel, Owner of Courtney Harmel Productions, New York

“The HDSLR workshop was fantastic. No matter what kind of filmmaker you are should it be narrative, doc, events – whatever may have you, there is something to learn here for anyone. You get the opportunity to see and try out different pieces of equipment that enhance the DSLR filmmaking experience. Not only that but you’re getting a ton of information from Patrick Reis who really knows his stuff. You’re in a room with people who are there for the same reason as you – because they love filmmaking so it’s also a good networking experience which is invaluable. There’s no doubt my filmmaking, even if it’s just slightly, will be taken to another level.”

-Keith Brady, Owner of Keith Brady Media, New York

“This weekend was great – I’ll hopefully be able to attend future workshops. So glad to have met you and Kim and Patrick. I remember reading my first issue of StudentFilmmakers Magazine years ago – it seemed to be written for me personally. Every article was relevant to what I was trying to learn. There were articles that helped me with ‘where I was’ as well as articles that allowed me to envision what I aspired to be. To this day, it remains my favorite source of information as a filmmaker.”

-Jean A. S. Strauss, Filmmaker of ADOPTED: for the life of me

“Thanks for everything this weekend. The class was excellent! I learned more in the 2 days than I ever expected. Patrick is a great instructor and having all the gear to play with is very cool!”

-Martin Dougherty, CEO/Founder, Roadstar Internet Inc., Virginia

“StudentFilmmakers Magazine is a great place to find information about filmmaking and cutting-edge technology.”
-Brian Sponagle, High School Teacher

“Helpful insider info. Great awareness and technique-building workshops! ”
-Robert Gladding, Video/Film Teacher

“It’s great. A lot of good stuff.”
-T.J. Galdi

StudentFilmmakers Magazine is so much fun!”
-Adam Ardekani

“Excellent magazine with great articles.”
-James Garcia, Director/Producer, NY

“StudentFilmmakers Magazine Workshops is the best thing that has happened to film students!”
-Priscilla Pena, Film Student, NY

“Great information.”
Vineeth Kurnala, NJ

“Great introduction for beginners and intermediates.”
-Will Cunningham, Writer/Producer, NY

“I’ve been a big fan of StudentFilmmakers for years, as we never stop learning this craft and there are always new things to learn. The first time I saw this magazine was in some Gear Expo in LA around 2007. I love the magazine, the articles on this magazine keep our feet on the ground teaching us very practical things we already knew or we didn’t. It’s also glad to see that the magazine is available in digital format to be able to carry my collection anywhere. The quality of the magazine (design, pictures) and the content of the articles is amazing and well researched, comparable to industry standard magazines such as American Cinematographer and Filmmaker. I’m always recommending this magazine to people who want to go to film school or who are already working in the film industry. There is always time to keep learning.
– Juan Vela, Independent Filmmaker, Los Angeles.

“As a film enthusiast, I think SFM provides valuable information about this art, as well as hints and technical tips regarding the whole new world of DSLR cameras.”
– Marcelo Noronha

“The online magazine looks remarkable. I was really taken aback by its layout and design. Great job!”
– Bill Jones, Teacher/Instructor, CA

On StudentFilmmakers.com and StudentFilmmakers Magazine: “From the day the Film Department at Boston University’s CDIA (Center for Digital Imaging Arts) was created, I’ve been impressed with the caliber of contributors and the quality of the information presented. The articles are written by experienced practitioners of the various crafts in filmmaking, and this sets StudentFilmmakers apart, in my view. No hype or crazed faddishness, but rather concrete, practical news and information delivered in a practical tone. StudentFilmmakers stays the course with smart and useful content that filmmakers, photographers, sound-people and other media-makers will always benefit from. The students and alumni at BU CDIA often are thrilled to tell me something they’ve learned from the magazine, and they usually wind up applying it immediately to their own work. Always up-to-date with industry trends, and writes intelligently about these. We’re very happy to be associated with StudentFilmmakers, the students and the faculty always look forward to new issues and updates on-line.”
– Howard Phillips, Director of Media Production, Boston University, CDIA, 1800-800-CDIA

“Your magazine [StudentFilmmakers Magazine] has some very high-end stuff, and it’s good people, and I’m really impressed. I think that the quality of writers is phenomenal. It might be over the heads of some of your readers, but for others, it is a good resource.”
– Ron Dexter, ASC

“I came by a copy of StudentFilmmakers Magazine just by complete and sheer luck. I was in the local library one day when they had their magazines on sale, 3 for $.25. I flipped through the bocket of old magazines of all sorts. And at the very bottom was this single copy of StudentFilmmakers Magazine. Well, as you can imagine, I felt like I had struck gold. I have read it cover to cover, and it goes everywhere with me. I read it on the bus to film class, during the break, I take it to work with me and read it on lunch. Thank God for such a publication! I believe I have read my only copy about 5 times now, cover to cover!”
-Carmen Dubois, British Columbia, Canada

“I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the April issue was one of the best ever! It covered almost every aspect of producing film & video, was highly informative. …What really caught my eye was the sections on acting and directing actors, I’ve seen lots of stuff in other mags about the typical cinematography topics, but you have combined it all into one neat package that should cover everyone involved with making films and videos. Keep up the terrific work! Thanks again.”
-Bill Bolton, President of Esplanade Partners, Longmont, Colorado

“It would have been wonderful if I had a magazine such as the StudentFilmmakers magazine available to me when I first started dreaming about becoming a cinematographer. It would have helped greatly to open up and help me understand the world of filmmaking and how to become part of it.”
-Andrew Laszlo, ASC

“As a film producer and distributor, StudentFilmmakers Magazine provides me the opportunity to read about new talent in directing, producing and crew. The technical articles are right on target and readers should hang on every word in the Film Business section. The only mistake to be made is not reading this magazine cover to cover.”
-Ted Taylor, Film Producer/Distributor, Winged Media Inc., Potomac, MD

“I enjoyed meeting you and I’ve enjoyed reading your magazine. It really is very well put together and full of useful information for filmmakers.”
-Dan Strickler, Writer/Director/Actor

“Happy and successful New Year to you and all at the magazine! Yes, I did get a copy of the magazine and was very impressed with the quality of the layout and production as well as several of the articles. …I would like to receive the magazine to distribute to the Advanced Film Class and to others. …Thanks again for the opportunity and for the ability to give the magazine to the students.”
-Fred Watkins, Coordinator of Film Production, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

“I’ve never been much of a magazine reader, but I love your magazines and have read every article. It is very educational and informative. Your articles are direct and to the point, and there’s always something new to learn from them.”
-Zhibo Lai, Filmmaker, ReelLight Films, Silver Spring, MD

“I look forward to each new issue and usually devour them from cover to cover… I know others feel the same way, but I’ll echo the sentiment: I enjoy the magazine so much, and learn so much from it, I really wish there’d been such a publication when I was first developing my interest in video production (back in my one-tube camera, analog switcher, and U-Matic cuts-only editing days). I’ve re-read many articles and gained so much useful information, I can’t even tell you how glad I am to have every issue, right from issue #1. I plan to keep the entire collection for future reference.”
-Mike Hoffman / Cable TV Producer, Skokie, Illinois

“As a video production professional for nearly 20 years, I’m simply amazed at how relevant I find so many of the articles in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, especially compared to all the other ‘professional video’ magazines I read each month. Keep up the excellent work!”
-Bruce Borowsky, Founder/Director, Boulder Digital Arts, Boulder, Colorado

“I am receiving a personal copy of the magazine and use it to stay abreast of changes and ideas in the film industry as it pertains to students. Since I am the engineer in our department and have to keep everything running it is also helpful in educating me about pitfalls, deficiencies, and quirks about various equipment that students may use in their classes.
“I also receive a bundle of magazines each month that are distributed throughout our department and campus library. Our students have been enjoying the magazine immensely.
“I have also made purchases from the Studentfilmmakers store and would not have known about it except through the magazine.”
-Bill Bruce, Systems Engineer, Bossier Parish Community College, Television/Film Department, Bossier City, Louisiana

“As a high school video production teacher always looking for real world applications in the video/film industry to present to my students, I often use StudentFilmmakers Magazine as my textbook and as a springboard for each student to continue their individual explorations into specific areas of interest.
“After receiving the first issue, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the term “student” is used broadly by your publication. In my best estimate your magazine is saying we are all students of the medium: from graduate school filmmakers to independent producers to “big Hollywood types”. Your magazine covers it all. Keep at it!”
-Marty Hoban, Video Production Teacher, The Hun School of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey

“StudentFilmmakers inspires and informs our film majors with a monthly balance of articles covering every aspect of the movie making that every aspiring student must know and appreciate: craft, technique, the business, technology, peer profiles, professional advice, and resources.”
-Dave Monahan Assistant Professor / Assistant Chair, University of North Carolina Wilmington, Wilmington, North Carolina

“StudentFilmmakers Magazine is a huge hit with our students. In class, I quote from it, and students often refer to specific articles they have read.”
-Steve Grossman, Assistant Professor of Cinema, The New England Institute of Art, Brookline, Massachusetts

“We display it in our main faculty suite and down at our equipment office. It is usually gone in 2-3 days! Students have told me they find the information useful and look forward to each issue.”
-Lorene Wales, Chair-Cinema Television, Regent University, Department of Cinema, Television, Virginia Beach, VA

“I have been teaching filmmaking for over thirty years and have received and subscribed to many film making magazines. Yours is the best I have ever read for aspiring film makers. Keep up the good work.”
-William Arscott, Professor of Art, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

“You have a great mag there. I’ve read every issue and pass them on to student filmmakers.”
-Nancy Carlson, Chair, Telecommunications Chair, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

“The students love the magazine. Many of them have told me how helpful the articles are in their video production efforts. … They are learning a lot and being inspired by being exposed to the technical production details and personalities of the film makers.” -Mark Hall, Instructor, Radio-TV/Film Program, Butte College, Oroville, California

“I am a library media specialist and share the magazine with teachers in my building and others throughout the district who work with students on film projects. In fact one of the teachers, Susan Jesse, who works at a middle school, loved the article on interviewing and shared this with her students. I enjoyed the article on storyboarding and directing from the November issue. …It is a great resource for us to share with students and staff who are tomorrow’s budding fimmakers. Thank you for sharing your magazine with us.”
Donna Unterreiner, Library Media Specialist, Oakville High School, St. Louis, Missouri

“The magazine is great. I use the bulk distribution of the magazine in my classroom with my production students. It has been a great resource for them.”
-Melissa Conklin, Video and Audio Production Instructor, Lenawee Intermediate School District VO-TECH Center, Adrian, Michigan

“… Some of the articles are a bit advanced for my high school students, but overall they are gaining great knowledge from the publication. Lately I’ve been assigning an article from the magazine.
“Students are required to read an article of their choice and write a short synopsis and write about how they can implement the idea or skill in their own filmmaking. Students especially like seeing places they can submit their work in your advertisements.
“We distribute the magazine to our video production and animation students, but I find students all over campus picking it up in the library.
“Thank you for this great resource.”
-Daria Matza, Video Productions Instructor, Coronado High School,
Coronado, California

“… My students are very excited about your magazine and look forward to each new issue.”
-Alan Hymen, Video and Media Studies, Norman Howard School, Rochester,
New York

“On behalf of the Film Production Program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, www.conflix.com , I want to thank you for the StudentFilmmakers Magazine. It is really good.
“Our students received it a couple of weeks ago, and we found some ideas in it that became discussion points in one of the production classes and also in a documentary class. The articles were well written, to the point, clearly and effectively directed to film students.
“Our program is located in a small city, quite far from major production centres. Our students will eventually leave here for the wider world. For us, your magazine is a good window on the wider film making world. It’s really good to connect our students through your magazine, with that wider world. Thank you.”
-Dennis Austin, Professor, Film Production, Confederation College,
Ontario, Canada

“Received the shipment of Student Filmmaker today – fantastic! The students are all over it, what an impressive first issue! Great articles, excellent range of topics, its very impressive. Thanks for producing such a great magazine, we’re all looking forward to the next issue already,…”
-University Instructor Comments from Howard Phillips, Associate Director,
Digital Film at CDIA at Boston University, Massachusetts

“The magazines arrived yesterday. What an impressive layout! It’s really a great magazine, and I thank you for printing the poems. It’s a thoroughly professional job you’re doing, and I’m proud to be associated with StudentFilmmakers.”
-Bruce Kawin, Professor of English and Film, University of Colorado,
Boulder, Colorado

“Congratulations for the wonderful Premiere issue of the magazine…Fantastic…Very intelligent and compelling articles reflecting the unbiased viewpoint of studentfilmakers.com on filmmaking as a whole international, collective though intimate and personal process..Amazing and surprising…”
-Subscriber Comments from Wesley Sena, California

“StudentFilmmakers –the magazine– combines just the right blend of literary and visual esthetic. Unlike the slick, glossy, overblown consumer and trade film magazines this publication is earthy and connects on every level with the student filmmaker. The information is vital and urgent. Congratulations on a superb effort and for your contribution to the world of student filmmaking.”
-Jim McCullaugh, former publisher of American Cinematographer
and former Executive Director of the American Society of Cinematographers

“This magazine has been a great resource of useful and current information in my classroom. Hands-on production is a very important element in my class, but I also have the students reading articles from my StudentFilmmakers magazine…
For me, this magazine is just as important in my classroom as the camera or any other piece of gear.”
-Neal Bennett, Industry Film School, Shrewsbury, NJ