Camera Tips from David E. Elkins, SOC

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: What was one of your most favorite or memorable scenes to shoot and why?

David E. Elkins, SOC: My favorite was not as a camera operator but when I was first working as a First Assistant Cameraman. It was on the critically acclaimed, award-winning television series, "The Wonder Years". So many episodes reminded me of my youth since I was approximately the same age as the characters were in the 60’s and 70’s when the show took place. I had the good fortune to pull focus on 26 episodes which were truly my “Wonder Years”.

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: Apart from focus pulling what else is required from a First Assistant Cameraman? What are some of the most important skills every First Assistant Cameraman needs to succeed?

David E. Elkins, SOC: In general, I believe that the most important job of the 1st AC is to make the DP look good. Keep quiet, do the job and don’t make waves. Specifically, the 1st AC keeps the shot in focus during the take. They must carefully watch the rehearsals, maintain the camera equipment, oversee the general operation of the camera department and be available for anything the cinematographer needs at any time. A good 1st assistant does the job without anybody knowing that they are doing it – they are invisible. Keeping your eyes and ears open at all times and anticipating what the DP is going to ask for before they ask is a sign of a good First AC.

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: What was one of the most important things you learned on set?

David E. Elkins, SOC: Stay within your own department, don’t act like a know-it-all, and pay attention at all times.

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: If you could share 3 Quick Tips for Camera Operators, what would they be?

David E. Elkins, SOC:

  • Tip #1: Watch rehearsals.
  • Tip #2: Listen to the DP and Director.
  • Tip #3: Practice your craft as much as possible.

Book Spotlight

The Camera Assistant's Manual, 7th EditionThe Camera Assistant's Manual

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David Elkins SOC

David E. Elkins, S.O.C., has over 30 years of professional experience as a Camera Operator and First Assistant Cameraman, working on feature films, television series, commercials, music videos, educational films, industrial films, and much more. He has also taught classes and workshops on both the East and West Coasts of the United States. He has been an active member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 since 1989 and the Society of Camera Operators since 1992.

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